What a godsend to find Moorpark Health Care Center and TLC Home Hospice!!!! When my brother fell about eight months ago and had brain trauma and a stroke we thought at first we would lose him and then when he stabilized that he would be locked inside his body and mind for the rest of his life. So we brought him to Moorpark Health Care Center and TLC Home Hospice for loving care and we had little hope.

Little did we realize at that point the miracles that could happen in the hands of the people of Moorpark Health Care Center and TLC Home Hospice. My brother has thrived and gotten off his trach and feeding tube and is talking, moving his limbs, interacting with everyone and he is happy. The facility and hospice staff, the entire staff without exception, are the most caring and loving health care workers I have ever had the privilege to know. My brother has kept his dignity and is treated as a special person and not just a patient in a bed to be kept alive. He is kept exceptionally clean from bathing to shaving to fingernails. The staff is responsive to both my family’s needs and my brother’s needs. They communicate with us on a regular basis and respond to our questions and concerns and actually do something .......they take action on a daily basis. They work with my brother and bring in physical and speech therapy people and work themselves with my brother on a daily basis. In fact they will help in any way they can to find the people my brother needs to recover and live as independent a life as he can.

I have been at the facility during grand rounds and talked with my brother’s entire team of facility and hospice caretakers and felt very welcome and heard.... both as a family member but also as part of my brother’s support team. I know all these wonderful words sound too good to be true and if I read them I might think so too, but having the experience of this wonderful organization of Moorpark Health Care Center and TLC Home Hospice has instilled in myself and my family that old fashioned caring and healthcare values still exist today...bless them.

P.S., My brother is still at the facility and continues to improve on a regular basis.

-Linda F Sherman and Family